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Beaver River assists small town and rural businesses in the Northwest of Saskatchewan start, expand and grow

The Beaver River Community Futures Corporation was established in 1988, and the Beaver River Business Development Corporation in 1989. In 1994, these two corporations merged into what is now the Beaver River Community Futures Development Corporation (BRCFDC). Today, we serve 46 communities in northwest Saskatchewan, in an area covering 120,000 square kilometres.

Our core funding, investment capital and special funds are provided by the Federal Government through Western Economic Diversification Canada. This support is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to Community Futures Development Corporations in Saskatchewan.

Eligible Recipients

This fund is available to develop and diversify local economies in the Beaver River Community Futures Development Corporation region. Financial assistance may be provided by the Beaver River Community Futures Development Corporation to businesses:

  • In which the principals have or will have a financial involvement to a degree that the Corporation deems reasonable in relation to the principals’ own wealth and to the funding requirements of the venture that will predominantly employ local people
  • That, in the judgment of the Corporation, will have a reasonable expectation of economic viability
  • Located in the Beaver River Community Futures Development Corporation region
  • The total amount of financial aid that may be provided to any business at any time shall not exceed $150,000 however we are able to work with other financial institutes to assist us with other larger loan requirements.
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    Meadow Lake

    Box 2678, 106-1st Street East
    Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1B6
    Phone: (306)236-4422
    Fax: (306)236-5818
    Website: Website

    Buffalo Narrows

    Box 128, 1314 Peterson Avenue
    Buffalo Narrows, SK S0M 0J0
    Phone: (306)235-4745
    Fax: (306)235-4787