Status of Women Canada

Addressing the Economic Security and Prosperity of Indigenous Women

Program Summary

With this call for proposals, Indigenous organizations and governments will implement projects designed to advance economic security and prosperity for Indigenous women by engaging them, their communities and the private sector to build on their strengths, identify opportunities and address issues affecting their economic security or limiting their economic success.

Proposed projects will engage women and a range of community partners in working together to create lasting change to improve economic conditions for Indigenous women. Projects will:

  • Identify issues, strengths and opportunities affecting Indigenous women’s economic security and prosperity;
  • Expand community understanding of these issues, strengths and opportunities;
  • Take action, together with partners, to identify effective, community-specific mechanisms and solutions; and
  • Implement these solutions

Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients include legally constituted organizations that are:

  • Not-for-profit Canadian organizations, excluding labour unions, post-secondary educational institutions and religious institutions;
  • For-profit Canadian organizations, if the nature and intent of the funded activity is non-commercial and not intended to generate profit;
  • Aboriginal governments (including band councils, tribal councils and self-government entities) and their agencies in rural and remote areas where there is a lack of capacity among not-for-profit and for-profit organizations; and
  • Territorial governments (local, regional, territorial) and their agencies in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.



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