W Dusk Energy Group Inc.

Alternative Energy

Program Summary

W Dusk Energy Group Inc. is an Indigenous owned firm that has the privilege to work in beautiful communities throughout Canada and soon Internationally. We are a team of like-minded professionals operating in tandem to strengthen community development initiatives such as planning, local economic growth, policy, food systems and infrastructure development.

Our core passion and focus is assisting communities to become self-reliant through renewable energy empowerment with a systems based, community-driven approach.

We provide project management, planning and technology integration services. W Dusk can assist in most, if not all stages of projects through its trusted and expansive partnership network.

​W Dusk is actively developing large and small scale projects throughout Canada involving solar, wind, hydrokinetic and newer, harmonic energy solutions. We source, design, build and develop our projects with community.

​We believe that the built environment and physical infrastructure should reflect the values, culture and natural beauty of community. All of our work aligns with an agreement to honour and respect Nature. It is all connected.

Eligible Recipients

W Dusk Energy Group Inc. sources energy projects in communities and then works with a combination of community investment, grants, philanthropy and private equity as required. Every project and community is different and so are we.