National Wetland Conservation Fund

Program Summary

The National Wetland Conservation Fund (NWCF) supports on-the-ground activities to restore and enhance wetlands in Canada. The objectives of the fund are to:

  • Restore degraded or lost wetlands on working and settled landscapes to achieve a net gain in wetland habitat area;
  • Enhance the ecological functions of existing degraded wetlands;
  • Scientifically assess and monitor wetland functions and ecological goods and services in order to further the above objectives to restore and/or enhance wetlands; and
  • Encourage the stewardship of Canada’s wetlands by industry and the stewardship and enjoyment of wetlands by the Canadian public.

The NWCF focuses on working landscapes.

Eligible Recipients

  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Indigenous organizations and communities
  • Individuals
  • Universities
  • Conservation authorities
  • Private corporations
  • Provincial, territorial and municipal governments
  • Provincial Crown corporations