Victims Fund - Child Advocacy Centres Initiative

Program Summary

The Victims Fund provides grants and contributions to support projects and activities that encourage the development of new approaches, promote access to justice, improve the capacity of service providers, foster the establishment of referral networks, and/or increase awareness of services available to victims of crime and their families. The Fund does not provide criminal injuries compensation for victims of crime.

They provide a coordinated approach to addressing the needs of child and youth victims and/or witnesses in the criminal justice system. CACs seek to minimize system-induced trauma by providing a single, child-friendly setting for young victims or witnesses and their families to seek services. 

Eligible Recipients

Funding is available for non-governmental organizations who wish to create or enhance a child advocacy centre. This funding cannot be provided to individuals.
There are three main priorities for this funding:

  • To support the creation of new child advocacy centres;
  • To support new child advocacy centres that are under development or in the early phases of development; and,
  • To support enhancements to existing child advocacy centres or similar models of service.

Proposals from jurisdictions that do not currently have an existing child advocacy centre or one in development will be given priority. 

Application Deadline

Not currently accepting application as of 2020,06,25 

Contact Information