Victims and Survivors of Crime in Restorative Justice Processes

Program Summary

Seeking to further strengthen capacity to meet the needs of victims and survivors participating in restorative justice processes and to promote local or regional partnerships, the Justice Canada Victims Fund is inviting partners to submit funding proposals that will undertake any of the following objectives:

  • develop or enhance partnerships between restorative justice agencies and victim-serving organizations through joint training, information sharing or awareness raising events, or other means;
  • develop tools and resources and/or deliver training for restorative justice practitioners that increases their capacity to work with victims and other stakeholders involved in restorative justice processes from a trauma-informed approach;
  • identify and share promising practices in providing victim-centered or victim-focused restorative justice;
  • evaluate the impact of restorative justice processes on victims; and
  • undertake research on victim-centered or victim-focused restorative justice models.

Eligible Recipients

For the purpose of this call for proposals, the following organizations are eligible:

  • Restorative justice agencies and associations;
  • Not-for profit victim-serving organizations;
  • Bands, Tribal Councils, First Nations and community-based Indigenous organizations that provide/support restorative justice services to the community/members; and
  • Provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments and agencies.

Contact Information

Victims Fund Manager
General Victims Fund: 613.941.4193
Programs Branch, Department of Justice Canada
284 Wellington Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0H8