Communicable Disease Control

Program Summary

In order to implement the CDC program under the terms and conditions of the Arrangement, the Recipient shall carry out the activities set out in section 4 (activities) of this Program Plan to achieve the following objectives:

1. provide primary prevention through provision of immunization against vaccine- preventable diseases;
2. monitor communicable disease cases reported by physicians, hospitals, and other health care agencies;
3. collect routine immunization coverage rates according to provincial/territorial routine immunization schedules;
4. provide interventions, including counselling, treatment, therapy, referral, follow-up, inspection, infection control and outbreak management in relation to communicable diseases;
5. provide screening and follow-up services where appropriate;
6. provide professional consultation and continuing education to physicians, nurse practitioners and other community- based workers; and
7. encourage and enable research that will contribute to the reduction of communicable diseases among First Nations and Inuit communities in Canada.

Eligible Recipients

First Nations on-reserve and/or Inuit living in Nunatsiavut and Nunavik. Client population may change depending on the specific program element.

Contact Information

Michelle Allard-Johnson, Regional Immunization Coordinator