Respiratory Infections - Tuberculosis (TB) Program

Program Summary

The Tuberculosis (TB) program aims to reduce the incidence of TB disease in First Nations and Inuit communities to 3.6 cases per 100,000 by 2015, in keeping with Canada’s national goal. The goal is to assure equitable access to timely diagnostics, treatment and follow-up care for those exposed to and diagnosed with TB.
The program aims to reduce the incidence and burden of TB disease in First Nations on-reserve through strong partnerships that support the visions of sustainable, equitable and effective TB prevention and control. The program supports the development of culturally appropriate education and awareness materials, along with community education campaigns to increase awareness of TB and reduce the stigma associated with the disease.

Eligible Recipients

First Nations on-reserve and/or Inuit living in Nunatsiavut and Nunavik. Client population may change depending on the specific program element.

Contact Information

Celine Czernick, Regional TB Coordinator