Kwanlin Dun First Nation

Jackson Lake Wellness Team (Land Based Therapy)

Program Summary

Kwanlin Dün has been delivering wellness and therapeutic programs to a diverse community of people for about 25 years. We set up the Jackson Lake Wellness Team to help expand our land and culture-based programs and services. The Team includes a Mental Wellness Team Coordinator; a Clinical Counsellor; a Cultural Counsellor ; and 2 Community Outreach Workers. Our staff work in partnership with other Yukon First Nations and Yukon wellness service providers.
Our program is based on First Nation cultural ways of healing but also includes clinical approaches. It is open to all Yukon people, First Nations and non-First Nations.
In addition, multi-year funding from Health Canada will allow us to implement cultural and clinical programs and services focused on:

  • prevention
  • community based options for treatment and
  • aftercare support.
  • This broad scope of services will improve the long-term success of participants in the multi-week land-based programs.
    The prevention and short-term cultural and land-based options will also provide opportunities to people that want help but are not able to go out on the land for four weeks.