Prince Albert Grand Council

Holistic Wellness Centre

Program Summary

The program is based on a holistic treatment model. Using the cornerstones of treatment, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, as well as using the concept of “living therapy” where treatment of care is integrated into all interactions in which individuals/families and communities participate.
Services – Education and Training Programs such as asset mapping, self-esteem, mental health first aid, co-dependency, anger education, assertiveness, case management, relationships, conflict, gambling, etc.
Drug Talks such as marijuana, mushrooms, acid/LSD, salvia, cocaine/crack, How do you become addicted, etc.
Suicide Education and Awareness – suicide talk, safeTalk, The Courage to Heal, ASIST, The Power to Prevent Suicide, etc.

– Evening Self Help Groups
– Community Outreach/Prevention
– Youth Initiatives
– Mental Wellness Team
– Family Based Interventions
– Residential Treatment

Contact Information

851 23rd Street West
P.O. Box 1775
Prince Albert, SK S6V 5T3