Red Cross

First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Partnerships with Canadian Red Cross

Program Summary

When invited by a First Nation, Metis, or Inuit group, Red Cross can work with communities to help increase resources in areas such as: becoming stronger and more healthy, become better prepared for disasters and social emergencies (suicide, alcohol, abuse, etc), and to recover faster with increased resiliency. They can help communities develop action plans or address a specific emergency concern. Red Cross can provide training in First Aid, crisis management, and trauma management to volunteers and staff.

Eligible Recipients

First Nation, Metis, or Inuit groups

Contact Information

Rod Orr, Manager

John Hallliday (North/Central/West areas)

Sue Laflamme (East/Central/North areas)

Justine Antoine-Roy (Indigenous Outreach)

Georgiana Schuring (Regina)