First Nation Information Governance Centre

OCAP Online Training Course

Program Summary

Standing for ownership, control, access and possession, OCAP® asserts that
First Nations have control over data collection processes in their communities, and that they own and control how this information can be used. The First Nations principles of OCAP® are a set of standards that establish how First Nations data should be collected, protected, used, or shared. There are 7 modules in question and each module takes approximately 40 minutes or shorter on average or 6 hrs in total.

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Eligible Recipients

The cost of the online training is $249.00/per person, with an additional 20% discount for 10 or more that register.

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341 Island Road, Unit D
Akwesasne, ON K6H 5R7
Tel: 613-733-1916
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Toll Free: 866-997-6248

Aaron Franks, Senior Manager, OCAP® and Information Governance

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