Circuit Rider Training Program

Program Summary

The Circuit Rider Training Program is a long-term capacity building program that provides training and mentoring services to operators of First Nations drinking water and wastewater systems.

Experts rotate through a circuit of First Nations communities, training the people responsible for operating, monitoring and maintaining drinking water and wastewater systems. These experts help First Nation operators get and maintain their certification, and may also give advice to chiefs and councils on how to develop and maintain safe water systems. In some regions, they also provide 24/7 emergency support to communities.

The goals of the program include:

  • supporting on-reserve water and wastewater system operators in developing and maintaining the capacity to manage their systems, including on-the-job training
  • improving the maintenance, management and effectiveness of on-reserve drinking water and wastewater systems
  • reducing the number and duration of drinking water advisories
  • helping First Nations communities to maximize the service life of their water and wastewater infrastructure

Eligible Recipients: Any First Nation that operates a community drinking water system or wastewater system is automatically enrolled in this program. Any First Nations community can choose not to participate by informing their nearest ISC regional office.

Contact Information: For more information, First Nations can contact their nearest ISC regional office.

Update the First Nations Emergency Management Planning/Training to the following:

Organization: Saskatchewan First Nations Emergency Management

Program Summary: The First Nations Emergency Management provides a variety of services, programs and workshops aimed at improving the awareness and mitigation of emergency scenarios. These programs are available to all communities in Saskatchewan. Training is provided for Emergency Response teams, whether they’re volunteers or staff, that is designed to prepare them for organizational support during emergency events. The First Nations Emergency Management also offers Emergency Community Training which serves to education families and individuals in fire safety, preparation and emergency planning.

Website link: Saskatchewan First Nations Emergency Management (

Contact Information: Contact & Communications | Saskatchewan First Nations Emergency Management (