Education Partnerships Program


The program supports:

  • collaboration between First Nations, provincial and territorial ministries or departments of education and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)
  • the capacity development of First Nations organizations to deliver education, including establishing education systems and service delivery agreements responsive to First Nations students and community education needs

The program has 3 distinct funding components:

  1. Partnerships: this component supports First Nations education administration and service delivery organizations to deliver activities that:
    • are related to existing partnerships
    • address some of their governance and administration costs

Activities can strengthen or expand their services to advance student success in First Nations, independent, provincial or territorial schools.

  1. Structural Readiness: this component supports targeted activities that build the capacity of First Nations education administration organizations to:
    • deliver education services
    • develop and implement transformative education systems and agreements that delegate responsibility for elementary and secondary education to First Nations
  2. Regional Education Agreement: this component supports activities such as:
    • information sessions on education transformation
    • technical tables
    • negotiating or renegotiating education agreements supported by leadership

For more information or to submit your regional education agreement proposal, contact your regional office.