Education Partnerships Program

Program Summary

To advance First Nation student achievement in First Nation and Provincial schools through a tripartite education partnership arrangement (FN, Indigenous Services, and Ministry of Education) where First Nation and Provincial officials share expertise and services, and where the partners co-ordinate learning initiatives in support of First Nation students. 2 kinds of partnerships: partnership establishment and partnership advancement.

Structural Readiness:
Sub-component to the EPP. To support activities that strengthen the organizational capacity of regional First Nation organizations for the delivery of educational services to First Nation schools in preparation for legislation. NOTE: Proposals may seek funding for Structural Readiness activities only through FNSSP, using a separate FNSSP proposal template.

Eligible activities include:
• Governance and leadership
• External Relations
• Parental/Community Involvement
• Planning, performance Measurement and Rash Management
• Financial Management
• Human Resources Management
• Information Management and Information Technology

Eligible Recipients

Regional First Nation organizations that meet the following eligibility requirements:
• Have documented support from First Nations/communities/schools (e.g. Band or Tribal Council resolution, or other documentation such as formal letters of support);
• Organizational structure includes an executive director or equivalent, finance officer, and a board of directors or equivalent;
• Undertakes, as a key function, elementary and secondary education support for groups of First Nation communities/schools;
• Be in a sound financial position;
• Agree to produce publicly available annual reports on education partnership activities and expenditures; and
• If new, replace an existing organization or be an amalgamation of existing organizations.

Structural Readiness:
• Regional First Nation organizations who currently undertake, as a key function, elementary and secondary support for a defined group of band-operated schools.
• On an exceptional basis, First Nation Band Councils and Federal Schools that are not in receipt of any services, support or funding from any Regional First Nation Organization may be eligible for FNSSP funding.

Contact Information

For more information:

South First Nations: Contact Indigenous Services Canada Regional Operations (Regina) at (306) 780-5392
North and Central First Nations: Contact Indigenous Services Canada Regional Operations (Prince Albert) at (306) 953-8522

First Nations may also contact their Funding Services Officer directly for a program referral.