Canadian Heritage

Aboriginal Peoples’ Program - Aboriginal Languages Initiative

Program Summary

The objectives of the Aboriginal Peoples’ Program (APP) are to:
• promote, revitalize and preserve Indigenous languages and cultures;
• strengthen Indigenous cultural identity; and,
• increase Indigenous participation in Canadian society.

The APP offers two funding components to eligible Indigenous organizations: Aboriginal Languages Initiative and Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting (See North Tab)  

Eligible Recipients

ABORIGINAL LANGUAGES INITIATIVE Eligible recipients include not-for-profit, democratically controlled:
• Indigenous organizations incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act or under corresponding provincial or territorial legislation;
• independent Indigenous community groups that include ad-hoc committees defined as a temporary committee set up to do a specific task and are not a permanent standing committee;
• Indigenous service delivery and voluntary organizations;
• Indigenous academic institutions;
• Indigenous cultural, educational and recreational organizations/centres; and
• Indigenous youth and women’s organizations; or
• non-Indigenous organizations working in partnership with Indigenous organizations or Indigenous advisory committees in situations where incorporated Indigenous organizations or Indigenous community groups do not exist.

Applicants previously funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage are eligible only if they are in compliance with previously signed contribution agreements, including all reporting requirements.

The following are not eligible to apply for funding through the ALI component: individuals; non-Indigenous organizations (except in partnership with Indigenous organizations or Indigenous advisory committees); for-profit organizations; federal departments and agencies; provincial/territorial and municipal governments and their agencies; and third-party delivery organizations.


Application Deadline

January 31, 2020

Contact Information

Department of Canadian Heritage
Indigenous Languages and Cultures Program
15 Eddy St, 8th Floor
Gatineau QC  K1A 0M5 (15-8-E)


1-866-811-0055 (toll-free)

1-888-997-3123 (toll-free)

Agents are available to answer your questions Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (ET).

Telephone : 819-934-1405 or 1-866-811-0055 (toll-free)


Celeste Sabourin
Senior Program Advisor
Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage First Nations programs are run out of Ottawa, not Regions.