Sport Canada

Athlete Assistance Program

Program Summary

Normally, only athletes from those sports whose high performance programs are funded through the Sport Funding and Accountability Framework (SFAF). Athletes from non-SFAF sports can, however, access AAP support if their performance is in the top 16 at the World Championships, Olympics, or Paralympics in an event of the program of the upcoming Olympic or Paralympic Games.

Eligible Recipients

To be eligible to be considered for support through the AAP, an athlete must:
• be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;
• adhere to their athlete/NSO agreement requirements;
• meet the eligibility requirement of the sport’s international federation as they pertain to citizenship and residency status and be available to represent Canada at major international events, including World Championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games; and
• meet the carding criteria as a member of the Canadian Team at international events or in domestic events or events sanctioned by the NSO for his/her sport.


To apply to this program, you need to contact your National Sport Organization for application forms and related information. The website contains contact information for multiple organizations.