Department of Justice

Victims and Survivors of Crime Restorative Justice Processes

Program Summary

Justice Canada Victims Fund may fund proposals that undertake the following objectives:
– develop or enhance partnerships between restorative justice agencies and victim-serving organizations through joint training, information sharing or awareness raising events or other means
– develop tools and resources and/or deliver training for restorative justice practitioners that increases their capacity to work with victims involved in restorative justice processes from a trauma-informed approach
– evaluate the impact of restorative justice processes on victims; and
– undertake research on victim-centered or victim-focused restorative justice models.

Eligible Recipients

– restorative justice agencies and associations;
– not for profit victim serving organizations
Bands, Tribal Councils, First Nations and community-based indigenous organizations that provide/support restorative justice services to the community/members; and
– provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments and agencies

Contact Information

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Telephone: General Victims Fund: 613-941-4193