Child and Youth Engagement

Program Summary

Meaningful reconciliation engages young people in learning about Canada’s history of colonization, thinking creatively about the future, and providing them with opportunities to make a difference. Engaging young people in reconciliation and social justice nurtures compassion and moral courage, and bolsters self-confidence. Children have a clear sense of right and wrong and feel empowered to lend their voice to a cause they care about.

At the Caring Society, we support educators in providing opportunities for young people to take part in activities that foster reconciliation and culturally based equity for Indigenous children and youth. We believe that each of us can take peaceful and respectful actions to help make a better Canada for Aboriginal children and their families. Here are a few ways you can involve children and youth in your classroom or community in making a difference:
• Honouring Memories, Planting Dreams
• Our Dreams Matter Too
• Have a Heart Day

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