Sask Culture

Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Leadership Grant

Program Summary

The purpose is to advance the course of culture in Saskatchewan by supporting: sharing of cultural skills and knowledge to young peoples; development of cultural organizations in their ability to deliver and sustain cultural programming; increased employment opportunities for First Nations and Métis arts and culture resource peoples; cultural awareness, cultural activity, skill development, personal growth and positive lifestyles at the individual, group and community level; and the building of capacity for communities and cultural organizations to assess community needs and to effectively plan and implement cultural programs for, and by, First Nations and Métis peoples.

Eligible Recipients

First Nation Band in good standing with the Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grand Program and have no outstanding grant follow-ups due to SaskCulture.

Application Deadline

April 17th and October 17th

Contact Information

Damon Badger Heit, Outreach Consultant