Adult correctional services, custodial admissions in Saskatchewan by Indigenous identity, 2017/2018

Notes: Data are based on a fiscal year (April 1 through March 31). These data are administrative data. Although the surveys attempt to standardize the way in which data are reported. Provincial and territorial sentenced admissions include provincial and territorial inmate admissions as well as federal inmates admitted to the provincial and territorial system prior to being transferred to a federal penitentiary.

Indigenous identity indicates whether the person is Indigenous. Indigenous identity includes North American Indian, Métis and Inuit, whether registered or not.

Limitations: due to differences among jurisdictional operations may restrict uniform application of the definitions in some situations. For this reason, inter-jurisdictional comparisons of the data should be made with caution.

Source: Statistics Canada. Table 251-0022 – Adult correctional services, custodial admissions to provincial and territorial programs by indigenous identity, annual (number), CANSIM (database).