Stillbirth Rate per 1,000 Live-Births and Stillbirths, On-Reserve, Three-Year Average 2005-2007

Notes: According to the Canadian Perinatal Surveillance System, stillbirths include all fetal deaths with a birth weight ≥500 g and/or with a gestational age ≥20 weeks. Typically, the stillbirth rate is calculated by dividing the number of stillbirths by the total number of births (number of live births plus the number of stillbirths) during the same time period. The rate is expressed per 1,000 live births plus stillbirths. The figures are for individuals registered to a Saskatchewan FN band and residing on-reserve. The figures do not include non-registered First Nations or non-First Nations that may be living on-reserve.

Limitations: As the annual stillbirth rate reflects such small numbers, variation between years can occur. One way to compensate for this is to calculate a moving average to reduce large year-to-year fluctuations and provide a clearer view of long-term trends. The rate is determined by summing the number of stillbirths for three years and dividing by the corresponding three-year total births.

Source: Government of Saskatchewan Vital Statistics System (VSS), ICD-10 Codes.