Victims Fund - Attending Parole Board Hearings

Program Summary

One of the important entitlements of victims of crime in Canada is the opportunity to attend hearings conducted by the Parole Board of Canada. Victims may attend hearings as observers or to present a victim impact statement. However, attending Parole Board of Canada hearings often involves travel and accommodation away from home.

The Victims Fund offers financial assistance to registered victims who wish to attend hearings for the offender who harmed them in order to help victims participate more fully in the criminal justice system. Financial assistance is also available for a support person to accompany registered victims to Parole Board hearings or to provide child or dependent care to enable victims to attend hearings.

Eligible Recipients

Victims who wish to attend a Parole Board of Canada hearing may receive travel funding assistance if they have:

  • registered with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) or the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) pursuant to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act;
  • applied to the PBC to attend a hearing of the offender who harmed them, either to observe or to present a victim impact statement;
  • been approved by the PBC to attend the hearing; and,
  • attended the hearing.

Contact Information

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Department of Justice
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