Social Housing Rental

Program Summary

MCK offer a range of rental property options through their social housing rental program.

  1. Multi-Dwelling is a social housing rental program geared towards low-moderate income families. It provides affordable, transitional rental accommodations, suited for families. Support through Housing Case Management is provided to assist the tenant in achieving future homeownership.
  2. One bedroom housing rental geared towards low income single adults (male or female) who are experiencing challenges that have resulted in the inability to access private rental housing in the community. Tenants must be willing to work with MCK Housing in the development of a case management plan during their tenancy.
  3. The Rent-to-Equity Program is intended to build equity for future homeowners of lower-to- middle-income Kahnawakérho:non who qualify and who might otherwise find it impossible save for the necessary down payment on a mortgage loan. The Program offers 3 bedroom rental housing combined with a scheduled savings component to facilitate accumulation of the necessary funds to enter the housing market. The Rent-to-Equity Program is targeted to eligible Kahnawakehró:non who are close to being financially capable of home ownership but require some financial assistance, particularly in saving the down payment. They should be gainfully employed, in the lower-to-middle income bracket, and require suitable housing on-reserve. Because there are three (3) models of programming, there are also three (3) income brackets for qualification. These individuals must be willing to work with the Kahnawà:ke Housing Department Case Management in order to determine eligibility and at what income bracket they qualify.
  4. The HOPE Program is a four year job readiness program featuring affordable 3 bedroom rental housing, training/education and a home ownership savings plan targeted to eligible Kahnawakehró:non single parents with children who are willing to improve their present circumstances, and their children’s futures, by working towards attainable goals through the enhancement of their marketable skill set. This program combines educational and financial goals towards the achievement of a career and down payment for a house. These individuals must be willing to work with Social Development Case Management which consists of the Housing Department, Social Assistance Department, a Mentor chosen by the applicant and other partner organizations in order to identify a long term case plan toward achieving success. Other community services will also be included in the work plan for the possible provision of daycare, transportation, training allowances and training milestone requirements.