Miyupimaatisiun Chisasibi Wellness

Land Based Healing Program

Program Summary

The Land Based Healing Model for Nishiiyuu (LBHM) is a healing and wellness program implemented and delivered on the hunting territory of each Cree community. The Chisasibi mission is to strengthen the ability of participants to lead a healthy, fulfilling and resilient life. Elders stress that the land and cultural traditions have healing power that can enable individuals in distress deal with pain and self-hurt. Ultimately we aim to improve the mental health of individuals so that they can effectively participate in the life of their family and community and make positive contributions to the collective development of their Nation. 

Follow a group of youth on their journey to healing and learn about Cree ways of living a good life. Shot in Eeyou Istchee, James Bay, northern Quebec: