International Minerals Innovation Institute

Diversity and Inclusion Challenge

Program Summary

The Internal Minerals Innovation Institute is accepting proposals to address the following four challenges in the mining sector:

Challenge 1 – Improving Access to Employment Opportunities in the Minerals Sector Supply Chain for Indigenous Peoples
IMII is seeking innovations in training and/or skills development to better connect employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples in the mineral industry’s contractor community
Challenge 2 – Creating New Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples in the Minerals Sector Workforce
Innovative ways to increase the mineral sectors’ share of available Indigenous talent
Challenge 3 – Promoting Mining Careers to Young Women and Girls by Connecting Earlier in the Talent Pipeline
Innovative opportunities of effecting career choices of young women and girls in relation to careers in mining
Challenge 4 – Increasing the Number of Women in Key Occupations in the Minerals Sector
Innovative approaches to attracting
and retaining women in key occupations

Eligible Recipients

Open to all

Application Deadline

Applications reviewed quarterly

Contact Information

201-112 Research Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 3R3