First Nations and Inuit Skills Link Program

Program Summary: The First Nations and Inuit Skills Link Program is 1 of 2 programs under the First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy.

This program supports activities that assist youth in gaining the essential skills to help them gain employment, function well in the workplace and learn about job and career options.

Activities can include career promotion, science and technology activities, co-operative education placements and internships and mentored work placements.

The program:

  • promotes the benefits and importance of education to youth participation in the labour market
  • supports the development and improvement of essential employability skills, such as communication, problem-solving and working with others
  • introduces youth to a variety of career options
  • helps youth gain skills by providing wage subsidies for mentored work experience or for mentored school-based work and study opportunities

Funding is provided to eligible First Nations and Inuit communities, governments, and organizations, as well as not-for-profit associations, schools and employers who then provide activities for First Nations and Inuit youth.

Contact Info:

Recipients who have access to the ISC Services Portal can access the proposal form by opening a session on the portal.

Applicants who have access to the ISC Services Portal should use the electronic form by opening a session on the portal.

If you do not have access to the portal, contact your ISC regional office. To find out more, e-mail or call 1-800-567-9604.