SGI Grants & Data

SGI Grants & Data

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Car Seat Grant program

SGI and the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute (Prevention Institute) partner to help groups in need buy car seats. The program’s goal is to improve overall child passenger safety in Saskatchewan and help community members establish, enhance and deliver programs to benefit their clients and their vulnerable children.

Community Grant program

The program provides $100,000 a year in total grants to help local organizations offset the cost of traffic safety and brain injury prevention programs.

By applying for a community grant with your idea for a traffic safety or brain injury prevention program, you have an opportunity to access the funding needed to get your initiative started.

SGI and the Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project have offered the program since 1997.

Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant program

The program provides up to $100,000 (per location) to municipalities and Indigenous land or territories. The goal of this fund is to stimulate and support local, collaborative action that will increase traffic safety awareness and reduce the frequency and severity of traffic injuries and fatalities within Saskatchewan.

The program began in 2019 and uses funds from photo speed enforcement tickets.