Housing Internship for Indigenous Youth (HIIY)


CMHC’s Housing Internship for Indigenous Youth (HIIY) program provides financial assistance – a wage subsidy – to organizations and businesses in the housing sector to hire Indigenous youth for internship positions.

Sponsoring an intern also benefits you – the sponsor


Hiring interns is an affordable way to add additional resources to your team. Eager to learn with on-the-job training, they often provide a different perspective and can be creative and innovative with ideas and solutions.

Housing internships can also benefit the larger community by providing more dedicated support to addressing housing challenges and needs.

Internship positions include:

  • housing administration
  • maintenance
  • construction / renovation
  • tenant relations
  • trades apprenticeships

Download and save the Housing Internship for Indigenous Youth fact sheet for key details.

Contact an Indigenous and the North Housing Solutions Specialist to answer any questions and assist you with your application.