Community Opportunity Readiness Program (CORP)

Summary: The Community Opportunities Readiness Program (CORP) provides project-based funding for First Nation and Inuit Communities for a range of activities to support communities’ pursuit of economic opportunities. Where First Nation and Inuit communities, or their representative organizations, identify opportunities and lack the financial resources to pursue them, the CORP will allow them to submit proposals to seek additional funding.

The CORP is expected to increase economic development by providing proposal based financial support to First Nation and Inuit Communities to assist in their pursuit of, and participation in, economic opportunities. Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) assesses proposals based on their immediate or future ability to attract private sector funding and on their community economic impacts and supports projects that will leverage the most from other funding sources, including the private sector, and that will have the greatest impact on their community.

The expected results of the CORP align with the long-term objective of which is for First Nation and Inuit communities to implement economic and business development opportunities, while leveraging private sector funding and opportunities.

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