Age-Standardized Incidence of Diabetes per 1,000 Population, FN Adults, 2005

Notes: Incidence of diabetes describes the number of new cases of diabetes detected in a population at risk in a given year. The estimates of incidence were adjusted for the difference in age distributions between FN and non-FN populations. The prevalence was calculated using the same administrative health data to determine the number of cases and by including all beneficiaries of Ministry of Health in the denominator.

Limitations: FN population sample size is much smaller than non-FN population. Literature shows up to 30% of Type 2 diabetes cases remain undiagnosed and therefore, the reported diabetes prevalence may be an underestimation.

Sources: Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) data cubes (de-identified data), Health Canada; “Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus among First Nations and non-First Nations adults”, 2010.