Religious Affiliation, 2011

Notes: Religion refers to the person’s self-identification as having a connection or affiliation with any religious denomination, group, body, sect, cult or other religiously defined community or system of belief. Religion is not limited to formal membership in a...

Indigenous Languages Spoken, 2016

Notes: Refers to languages, other than English or French, in which the respondent can conduct a conversation. Cree languages include the following categories: Cree not otherwise specified (which refers to those who reported ‘Cree’), Swampy Cree, Plains Cree, Woods...

Knowledge of English or French, 2016

Notes: Refers to the ability to conduct a conversation in English only, in French only, in both English and French, or in neither English nor French Source: Statistics Canada; 2016 Census

Knowledge of an Indigenous Language, 2016

Notes: This refers to the proportion of individuals who can carry on a conversation in an Indigenous language. Source: Statistics Canada; 2016 Census/2011 National Household Survey