Program Summary

The mentorship initiative is administered by Red Circle Planing Group. The mentorship initiative is here to assist in Mentoring First Nations Community Navigators in community engagement, facilitation, surveying and professional development. With a focus of building a positive environment in all First Nations communities, by helping the navigator bring all the people together and hearing their voices. Assisting in creating a plan according to the communities priorities.


Saskatchewan Mentors Contact List

Terri Campbell

o Mobile- 306-491-2752

Allery Carrier

o Mobile- 306-807-3924

Jessi Gerard

o Mobile- 306-960-6094

Treena Lealalii

o Mobile- 306-331-4446

Ron Netmaker

o Mobile- 306-468-4193

Arlene Pinay

o Mobile – 306-331-9132

Camelia Wolverine

o Mobile- 306-491-9780

Manager of Mentorship Program

Timothy Haywahe

o Mobile-306-660-7840