Canadian Heritage

The Aboriginal Peoples Program

Program Summary

The objectives of the Aboriginal Peoples’ Program (APP) are to:

    • promote, revitalize and preserve Indigenous languages and cultures;
    • strengthen Indigenous cultural identity; and,
    • increase Indigenous participation in Canadian society.

The APP offers two funding components to eligible Indigenous organizations: Aboriginal Languages Initiative (See Arts & Culture Tab) and Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting.


Eligible Recipients

    • To be eligible for funding, your organization or group must be:
      • a not-for-profit, democratically controlled Indigenous organization incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act or under corresponding provincial/territorial legislation; or
      • a not-for-profit, democratically controlled independent Indigenous community group that include ad-hoc committees defined as a temporary committee set up to do a specific task (not a permanent standing committee); or
      • a not-for-profit, democratically controlled non-Indigenous organization working in partnership with Indigenous organizations or Indigenous advisory committees in situations where Indigenous organizations/community groups do not exist.

      In addition, your organization or group must provide broadcast communications north of the Hamelin Line, which is drawn at the 55th parallel and defines the Canadian North for purposes of policy.


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