Infant (less than 1 year of age) Mortality Rate per 1,000 Live Births, On-Reserve, 2007

Notes: The infant mortality rate (IMR) is defined as the number of infant deaths in a population, less than one year of age, for every thousand live births. In other words, it is the probability of a child dying within the first year of life per 1000 live births. IMR is a comprehensive reflection of population health; including the physical, social and economic conditions that a child is born into. The figures are for individuals registered to a Saskatchewan FN band and residing on-reserve. The figures do not include non-registered First Nations or non-First Nations that may be living on-reserve. Status Verification System (SVS) identifies on-reserve Saskatchewan FN from the Government of Saskatchewan Vital Statistics System (VSS).

Limitations: There may be data quality issues relating to the accuracy of reporting Indigenous IMRs with regards to the location of where infant birth and death data are recorded (on- or off-reserve). If an infant birth is recorded on-reserve but the death is captured off-reserve, this may result in an underestimate of IMRs among the Indigenous population. Age specific-death rates for age group <1 and 1-14 years are excluded due to limited data availability.

Source: Government of Saskatchewan Vital Statistics System (VSS), ICD-10 Codes.