Multicultural Initiatives Fund - Annual Funding

Program Summary

The MIF Annual Funding program objectives are to:
• Stimulate and support the advancement of cultural identity, intercultural understanding and issues related to social justice and harmony;
• Increase and complement the quality, quantity and reach of multicultural programs, projects and activities;
• Develop and support innovative and/or strategic approaches to the advancement of multiculturalism;
• Provide enabling resources to community-based organizations to ensure a wide range of multicultural programs and services are available;
• Support youth initiatives that will contribute to the future development of multiculturalism in society; and
• Support developing cultural organizations that require funds to establish ongoing operations and services in unique areas not already funded by conventional support systems.


Eligible Recipients

Registered non-profit organizations based in Saskatchewan or organizations that have a primarily multicultural or ethno-cultural mandate are eligible to apply.

Contact Information

Paul Gingras, Outreach Consultant