Public Safety Canada

Youth Gang Prevention Fund (YGPF)

Program Summary:

The Youth Gang Prevention Fund (YGPF) provides time-limited funding for initiatives in communities that prevent at-risk youth from joining gangs, provides exit strategies for youth who belong to gangs, and offers support to youth so they do not re-join gangs, in communities where youth gangs are an existing or emerging threat.


The objectives of the YGPF are to reduce serious youth violence and youth gang threats in communities by:

  • Supporting targeted initiatives that address specific risk and protective factors associated with youth violence and youth gangs in communities where these issues exist or are emerging trends;
  • Promoting the implementation of evidence-based interventions to provide those young people with alternatives to joining gangs; and
  • Developing and disseminating knowledge in order to encourage other communities to adopt effective methods to prevent youth violence and youth gang activity in Canada.