The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation

Project Funding

Program Summary

1. To address risk factors faced by First Nations youth including juvenile delinquency, substance abuse and suicide, by:
a) providing scholarships bursaries and grants to attend educational programs; and
b) providing equipment, facilities and opportunities to participate in structured recreational, and/or organized
sporting activities
2. To promote good health care and ensure the proper provision of medical and health care services for the benefit of all
First Nations members in Canada.
3. To educate and raise awareness concerning First Nations language, history, spirituality and culture among First Nations
youth by:
a) providing grants for attendance at traditional First Nations activities or events, established arts and cultural institutions,
language programs and traditional theatrical or dance performances and instruction; and
b) providing educational materials and training for the benefit of youth

Eligible Recipients

– Status Members
– Must be non-profit
– Individual band members
– Community groups and organizations
– Minor sports teams
– Special Events
– Elite Adult Teams

Contact Information

c/o Iroquois Lacrosse Arena
3201 Second Line, R.R. # 6
Hagersville, Ontario, NOA 1HO

Local: (905) 768-8962
Toll Free: 1-866-508-6795
Fax: (905) 768-8963