Comprehensive Community Planning

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Resource Summary

The CCP movement was driven by First Nations in BC, beginning around 2004 (though it draws on centuries of community planning expertise)

  • Over half of the First Nations in British Columbia have undertaken a CCP process, more than 100 in total
  • Every autumn more than 100 First Nations community planners gather for a three-day CCP Workshop
  • Only a handful of First Nations outside of BC have done CCPs but that number is expected to grow as the federal government is starting to support Comprehensive Community Planning in other regions including the Atlantic region, Ontario and Saskatchewan

Contact Information

If you would like more information about Comprehensive Community Planning, please get in touch with Indigenous Services Canada at

You can also connect with their community of practice on Facebook – look for the group called “Comprehensive Community Planning”. Professional solicitations not permitted on the group, but you’re welcome to share resources and questions.