Dokis First Nation

Hydro Power Project

Program Summary

Dokis First Nation partnered with Hydromego for the Okikendawt Hydro project. The project is a “run-of-the-river” facility and the First Nation sells the power to the province’s electrical grid through government clean energy programs. Dokis First Nation has a 40% share of the project. There was an agreement with the province to purchase power for 40 years. Some profits have are used to pay down the debt of the project and the remaining profits are put in a trust and allocated the interest earned for infrastructure, health, education and cultural initiatives. The project provided employment and training to many First Nation members. A community member continues to be employed as a full-time hydro facility operator. A quarry was created to store the rock dug out during construction and the community uses the rock to make cement for renovation projects and sells it to outside buyers.

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